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MOG # Name Location MINI model MINI Colour Bio
221099 Carol JOHNSTON Armadsle Mini Cooper 2016 Black with Red Roof Super excited to own my first Mini Cooper
221112 Kristy Nilsson Hull MINI Countryman Cooper S 2012 White with Black Roof
221117 Christina  Moseley Machynlleth Mini Cooper 2002 Silver with Black roof
221169 Alison Mclaine Kent Mini Cooper convertible 2017 Electric blue with Union Jack roof
221187 Carl  Nadin Plymouth, England Mini Cooper S 1990 Red, White Roof
221211 Donna Fellows Kingswinford MINI S Convertible 2008 Silver with black roof New to MINI and loving it!
221213 Dani Gandy Newport, Shropshire MINI One Seven 2006 Black Proud owner of Doug, my lovely Seven coming fully equipped with the JCW kit and ready for adventure!
221703 Lauren Rushworth Cumbria Mini one 2012 Green
221996 Stephanie Hall Durham Mini One 2004 Pepper white/ purple strips
222000 Callum Middlemist Sunderland Mini one 2005 mini convertible 2004 Cream purple Own 2 mini
222222 Michelle Sayers Yorkshire 2010 Pepper white First mini I've owned and it always puts a smile on my face.
222333 Dave Thomas Bedfordshire Mini Cooper S 2003 Electric Blue Best car i have ever owned, now need to get upgrading / running it
223156 PHILIP HARRISON Ingleby Barwick, Stockton-On-Tees Mini Cooper 2017 Green with black roof Just bought our first mini and love it.
224466 callum vale plymoyth MINI Cooper S 2006 Silver with black roof Derek is a work in progress. With the aim of pushing out over 250bhp when finished....proud to own one of the last supercharged minis!
229966 Steve  Gambrill Kent Mini Cooper 2019 Red with black roof
230023 Adam Burdass Barton Upon Humber Mini Cooper S 2004 Blue with White
230170 Anita Thorp Wem MINI One 2011 Black with orange strip I have named him Jaffa cake
230195 Izzy Saunders Bristol Mini One 2003 Silver with Black roof I LOVE MINIS
230288 Danielle Leatherland Derby Mini Cooper SD Countryman 2015 White with black roof Danielle in derby massive mini fan!
230307 Leon Cowan Herefordshire Mini Cooper D 2016 Red with Black roof
230395 Karl Harrison Worksop Mini Cooper s 2010 Pepper white Owner of a R56 cooper s. Always loved minis always will.
230480 Martyn Hebbron Gloucestershire MINI Cooper S 2009 Grey with Black Roof
230497 Elise Farrow Essex MINI Cooper S 2016 Pepper White with Black Roof
230612 Christine Clerf Bitburg - Germany F56 Cooper S 2015 Volcano orange & black
230613 Shane Harry London Mini one, 2002 Silver First ever mini! First car!
230615 Assim Sheikh West london Mini cooper s 2002 Electric blue with white roof
230632 Wendy Mcgann Stalybridge Mini copper 2003 Silver with black roof
230658 Tracie Koziura Leicestershire MINI Coopr D ALL4 Countryman (Auto) 2.0 MIdnight Grey As a teenager back in the mid 70's my second car was a P reg Mini - and I ADORED it! Many years later, after seeing the 'new' Mini roll off the production line, I fell in love all over again and swore, one day, I would have one but vowed it would only happen when I could afford a brand new Mini tailored to my own needs and wants. Eventually, following years of saving hard, that day came! After building my perfect Mini online I placed my order with Sytners of Leicester and, in November 2014, Minja was 'born'. Although I don't get to drive her as much as I would like (I am sole carer for my partner who is recovering from extensive cancer surgery) when I am behind the wheel, I am that teenager again - filled with the desire to just take off and see where the roads take me. Of course, I can't just take off like I used to back in the 70's, but just having that wonderful feeling of being young and having the world at my feet again, if only for a few minutes, keeps me young at heart. I absolutely ADORE my Minja - and my life is now complete! :)
230719 Jason Tisdale UK MINI 60 Years Edition British Racing Green
230757 Veronica Douglas Denny Mini Cooper 2003 British racing green
230768 Darren Ivey Bedfont Cooper convertible 2007 Black 31yrs of fords-but now loving my mini ♥️
230783 Claire  Catchpole Woking Mini Cooper Roadster Pepper White
230787 Michelle Gilbert Maidstone Mini Cooper 2002 Red with white roof
230788 Graeme Fullerton Glasgow R53 Electric blue
230813 Richard Murphy Hailsham Mini Cooper sd 2015 Black and black roof This car is totally standard at the moment
230815 Julie Davies Solihull Mini Cooper 2007 Yellow
230855 James Allan Cornwall One 2005 Midnight blue (black) Mini One 1.4 turbo diesel. GOING STEALTH...
230895 Elsa Poulter Norfolk MINI one 2012 Black New to the MINI world, its a dream come true.
230911 Tara Beasley Norfolk 2006 MINI Cooper S Laser Blue with white roof
230966 Karen Edwards Plymouth Mini Cooper Clubman 2016 White with black roof My first mini and I love it!
230975 Tammy Wilde Rotherham Clubman cooper s 2011 Red with black carbon roof
231013 Natasha Evans Lockerbie One d 64 Blue with tartan roof
231102 Joanne battersby leigh lancashire Mini Cooper graphite 2009 dark silver black roof mini rocks
231166 Michael GRIFFIN DUNFERMLINE 2004 Grey
231186 David Pope Hampshire Mini Coupe 2012 Silver white with red roof
231203 Laura King Oxford Mini Cooper 2002 Black Only had her a few months but love her.
231256 Elizabeth  Smith Dalkeith Scotland 2003 MINI Cooper Chilli Red with black roof my cooper was my mums but after we sadly lost her I took over ownership and plan to keep her as long as I can. Love driving my ladybug 🐞 😀
231272 Trudi Woodroffe Derbyshire Mini Cooper cabriolet Pepper white with black roof My dads first car was a mini cooper and there's a photo of me in front of it ages 3. I'm 44 now and can say I finally own my own
231283 Debra Wood Leeds Mini First 2009 Red
231299 Shannon Moody Cornwall MINI One 1.4 2007 Chill red My mini is called “Molly” and she is my first car🚗
231904 Owen Roberts Wigan Cooper S 2006 Black with white roof
231992 Tony Boyes Driffield, East Yorkshire MINI Cooper S 2002 Grey Let's have a mini adventure!
231999 Dom Henton-murphy Gloucester Mini Cooper SPI - K925eoo Silver black roof I own a classic 1992 SPI 1.3L mini and a 2002 bmw red Mini Cooper
232011 John Pryor Bournemouth Mini Cooper 2006 Silver
232323 Lek Chun Hui Malaysia 2002. MCS Electric Blue Mini love
232400 Amber Mitchell Leeds Mini Cooper D 2016 Black
233453 Chris  Gray Portsmouth 2012 jcw coupe Orange
234435 Leonie Madden Southern Highlands Australia 2007 Mini Cooper S Sidewalk Convertible Sparkling Silver
234546 Andrew Todd Northern Ireland Mini Cooper D 2009 Blue with white roof
234567 Wendy Thompson Leicestershire Mini Cooper 2008 Blue R56 stage 2 manic mini map and all Supporting fun mods 😁
238395 Kelvin Pilbeam Bloxwich Mini Cooper 2007 Sparkling Silver
240119 Lauren Fuller Bedford Mini one graphite 2009 Dark silver with black bonnet stripes Milo the mini brought as my first car January 24th 2019.
240203 Sophia Stockden Long Ditton Mini Cooper 2003 Silver
240295 Megan Tombs Stafford MINI Cooper S 2014 Thunder gray with black roof
240316 Shannon Bottomley Halifax Mini one 2009 Mellow yellow
240386 Hazel Barnes Oxfordshire Mini Cooper S 2007 Red with white roof
240389 Dan Horne Sunderland Mini Cooper SD 2011 British racing green with black roof
240399 Kathryn Johnson Billericay One 2008 Red
240499 Florence  Croxson York Mini cooper r56 2008 Matte black. Red accents
240501 Lauren Ridgewell Shropshire Mini One 2014 Pepper white with black roof
240530 Jenny Cockburn Bromley Mini One 2007 Red with black sunroof
240573 Ann Marie Redmond widnes mini cooper 2006 blue with black roof my first car i bought was a blue mini this is my second mini my first was the old style and i will love this car just as much
240587 Lyndsey McCullough Northern Ireland Mini Cooper D 2016 White Silver with Black roof My 1st Mini... my pride & joy! 💕
240595 Danny Murray Huddersfield West Yorkshire Mini Cooper r53 2003 Black Owner of a modified Mini Cooper s r53
240662 Maria Madden Glasgow Mini Cooper SD 2013 Black with white roof
240695 Callum Jackson Stratford upon Avon Mini Cooper s 2003 Grey
240697 Brandon Lovell Hertfordshire Mini Mayfair 1994 Green
240778 Ryan Bygrave Ringwood Mini cooper s 2003 Electric Blue, white roof
240782 Natalie  Briggs Daventry Mini cooper S 2003 Gunmetal grey
240813 Richard Murphy Hailsham Mini Cooper s 2015 Black
240819 Jo Major Northamptonshire Mini Cooper S 2007 R56 Red with Black Roof
240894 Zoe Robson Chesterfield One 2005 Black I recently bought my Mini One and I absolutely adore it, my second car but definitely the best :)
240971 Paul Sullivan Essex Mini cooper 2006 Red with white roof
240974 Richard Smart Bristol MINI Cooper 2002 Black with white roof
241063 Mark Curtis Colchester/Essex Mini Cooper S JCW Works Silver with Black roof
241083 Nerissa Stowell Kent Mini Cooper 2003 Gold with black roof
241088 Colin  Barron High Wycombe Cooper 2017 Orange
241096 Sara Paulino Rugby MINI COOPER 2013 Chilli Red with black roof
241097 Sara Paulino Rugby MINI COOPER 2013 Chilli Red with black roof
241116 Harry Barlow Tiverton, Devon MINI Cooper 2001 Blue with white roof and mirrors My first car is my beloved 2001 mini cooper. Exeter / Tiverton area commonly.
241198 James Chambers Northamptonshire Mini Cooper 2008 Chilli red Teenager,love minis classics and new laid back guy
241212 Lyndsay Willers South Yorkshire Mini Cooper S 2007 Electric Blue
241241 Kirsten Beynon New Zealand Cooper S Clubman 2010 Brown with silver roof
241257 Gary Barnes Willenhall MINI Paceman All 4 SD 2013 White
241281 Sean Gulliver Weymouth Mini Cooper S 2002 Gunmetal Grey
241298 Millie Betts Wellingborough Mini One 2014 Red with panoramic Roof A young mini enthusiast with a love for the classic minis :)
241311 Jordan Thomas Pontypridd Cooper S R56 2013 Bayswater Kite Blue Black roof
241957 Chris Dwenger Crediton R50 2005 Racing green
241971 David Gronow Cardiff Mini Cooper Park Lane Edition 2005 Grey with Silver roof New to owning a mini but always wanted one ever since the Italian Job
242424 Millie Andrews Oxfordshire MINI Cooper D Convertible 2013 Black with Cream Leather
243844 David Mayes Barnsley MINI One 2009 Black Starting the journey to de-chrome my black MINI and make it very stealth looking.
244244 Charlie Cobble Skegness Mini one White
246010 L B
246489 Stephen Davey Thornbury Mini Cooper s Convertable 2016 Caribbean Blue
247247 Lynn Saracoglu Bristol Mini Cooper Roadster Pepper White Loving my little pepper!
247365 Michael Thursby Gateshead One Diesel 2016 Red with Black roof
250171 David Maloney Wigan Mini cooper sd 2011 Red with black roof
250178 Kristie  Bennetts Somerset JCW Hatch 2015 Grey with red roof/wing mirrors and bonnet stripes Loads of love for the Mini. I'm currently on my 4th..
250258 Matt Hall Uk R58 cooper SD Silver white
250263 graham myers whitley bay mini cooper sd 2012 blue black roof
250266 David Perkins Chesterfield Mini cooper s r53 2005 Silver
250315 Meg Neave Suffolk Mini Cooper 2002 Black with pink roof
250320 Darren Krzesicki Nottinghamshire Mini jcw 2020 Dark blue
250370 David Jones Crawley west sussec R52 cooper s 2004 Black
250374 Grant Jamieson Selby Mini Cooper S 2004 Dark silver with black roof Weekend toy. Love ❤️ this car
250415 Leigh Balmer Londonderry Mini Cooper 2009 Red with black roof
250500 James Hastings Hertfordshire Mini one 2004 Red
250583 Emma  Weeks Torrington Mini Cooper 2018 Starlight Blue Metallic My first Mini.. Absolutely love her!! ❤️
250591 Jo Vickers Swadlincote MINI Cooper S 2010 Metallic Silver with White Roof Mini Cooper S Camden Edition
250600 Shaun Missenden Edinburgh Mini Cooper 2005 Electric Blue Rover Mini Mayfair - First Car BMW MINI Cooper R50 - Second Car
250688 Martin Wiles Rushden 2006 R53 Cooper S Blue, White roof, mirrors and wheels
250713 Mick Wrightl London R50 2004 Silver
250765 stephen williams Selby mini cooper 2005 red with white roof
250766 Richard  King Malvern Mini clubman cooper s 2008 British racing green
250770 David Gunning Newcastle Cooper s 2009 Dark silver Mechanical technician 30 years Advise is always free
250776 Julian Sumner Ipswich MINI Cooper S Clubman 2008 Pepper White 18"s Lowered Colour Coded JCW Kit AEM induction Milltek non-resonated Forge Intercooler What's next?
250795 Sam Hodgson Wigan Mini one 2005 Red
250802 Karolina Bartnik Newmains MINI Cooper 2010 Red with Black roof
250816 Mandy Roughley Warrington Mini Cooper Convertible S metallic black
250889 Samantha Marshall Chinnor Mini One 2005 Astro Black Metallic
250899 Olivia Armstrong Durham Mini One 2007 Black
250915 Nicholas Wilson Stoke on Trent MINI Cooper 2004 Red Always wanted a mini now after all these years I've got one!
250965 Jenny Price Warwickshire Mini Cooper R56 2010 Pepper White MINI MAD!
250991 Stephanie Taylor Glasgow Mini One 2011 Pepper white
250997 William Cairnduff Belfast Mini Countryman Cooper SD 2014 Red with White roof
251083 Josvel Costa London Mini coope s 2009 Brg
251088 Mikaela Peel Huddersfield Mini cooper 2014 Orange with black roof
251101 Dd Dd MINI One 2009 Oxygen blue
251167 Claire Prior Bordon Hampshire Mini Cooper 2009 Astro black
251182 Emma Derbyshire De55 3bd Mini Cooper SD 2012 White with black roof
251198 Suzi Stone Hornsea MINI Countryman SD All4 2012 Light Coffee Been on a mini mission for almost 20 years!
251263 Chris Alvarez Borrowash Mini Cooper 2004 Red Having fun in my iconic car
251283 Nicholas  Brown Nottingham Mini coupe john cooper works Black and red
251299 George Baxter Kent 2002 r50 Mini Cooper Red with black roof Standard af
251967 paul machin alfreton mini cooper s 2006 blue with white roof
251976 Tony  Bhatti Leeds 2007 Silver black roof First Mini I've owned and absolutely love it,
251989 Samantha Marshall Chinnor Mini One 2005 Astro Black Metallic
252015 Luke May Lincolnshire Mini Cooper 2014 British racing green with white roof
252525 Vance Vicente Puerto Rico Mini Cooper S 2019 All Starlight Blue Got mods?
253129 Kris Ashton Lincoln Mini Cooper S 2003 Pepper White with Black roof
254169 Bev Brown Stockton-on-Tees Mini Cooper S 2019 Solaris orange with black roof & wing mirrors First Mini, love him already 😍
260171 stephen rogers gravesend cooper s r53 black /orange ,grey strips. JCW tuned 210 bhp, G wing,front scoop ,front grill and side sill vents all hand made as could not believe the price of these parts new plus i am a right tight arse .Also rear diffuser hand made from my old tumble dryer sounds well dodge but look pretty good .
260192 Louise Whight Ipswich Mini Cooper S 2012 Red with black roof
260266 John Bennett Bedworth 1989 mini Mayfair Blue
260267 Andrew Shaw Bedfordshire Mini John Cooper Works 2015 Thunder Grey with Red Roof & Mirror Caps Loving my new JCW!
260406 Kimi Hillsdon Oxford Mini Cooper S 2002 Black
260414 Brendan Breeze Hampshire R56 cooper s JCW 2007 Red chequred roof
260476 Chris Jav Toronto 2014 - R57 Pepper White (the fastest colour) Countryman SE - Soon
260477 dave checkley Nuneaton, Warwickshire Cooper S 2009 Black. All black. Wheels, light surrounds, windows.
260604 Scott Brain South Staffordshire MINI Cooper R56 2006 Red with White roof
260699 Owen Morgan Reading, Berkshire Mini Cooper 2016 Volcanic orange
260704 Scott  Brain South Staffordshire R56 MINI Cooper 2006 Red with White roof
260716 Caroline Offord Cheshire Mini Cooper JCW 2016 White black stripes My name is Mabel and I live in Cheshire but can be seen regularly in north Wales at the seaside. Wave if you see me 😀
260765 Melanie  Roberts North Warnborough Cooper Roadster 2014 Red with black stripes
260766 Daniel Russell Brussels Mini JCW Roadster 2013 (R59) Chili Red/Black Roof My first Mini was a blue 1982 Austin Mini Van bought around 1986, but after a long gap, now the proud owner of a soon to be rare gorgeous racy little Roadster. Very happy I am too!
260866 Steve Bellamy Spalding Mini Rio 1993 Blue Mini lover for life owned this one since 2012
260869 Jayne Austin Warwick Mini copper 2003 Silver with black stripes and pink wheels Proud owner of the mini Cooper.
260870 Gary Siddons Retford, Nottingham F55 Cooper 1.5D 2014 Orange and Black Volcanic orange and black One of the best colour combinations I'm my opinion.
260893 catalina catalina northwich mini one 2004 silver
260902 Stephen Macfarlane Edinburgh Mini cooper 2007 Silver with black roof
260918 Adam Saunders Welling Mini Cooper s 2009 Laser blue with black roof
260985 Chris Pearson Manchester Mini One 2006 Silver
260997 Connor Craven Telford MINI One 2002 Pure Silver Metallic <3 MINI
261079 Rachel  Hubbard Leicestershire Mini Cooper S 2005 Black with black convertible roof
261101 Thanzeel Kamaldian Wokingham Mini One 2006 Black Astro
261172 Viv Clarkson Carlisle Mini Cooper 2013 Chilli red, black roof, black vamp stripe on bonnet & boot Owed a 1976 1100cc clubman many years ago & loved it, a real fun drive. My new mini is a car cry from that litte green beasty though....the modern Mini Cooper is amazing, I am hooked again!
261190 James Anderson Aberdeen Mini Cooper S Roadster Red
261268 Aileen  Coburn Rugby Mini Cooper S - 2016 Dark blue with white roof
261274 Sara White Milton keynes Mini Cooper 2007 Astro black with black and white checkered roof
261299 Paul atherton cheshire All models all Work for Mini dealer in Chester in the sales department
262433 Grant Sanders South West Wales Mini Cooper S 2007 Eclipse grey, Gloss back Rood and Wing Mirrors Love my Coopers S
265391 Phil Quiney Essex Mini Cooper 2015 Volcanic Orange
266737 Amanda Rettey Buckinghamshire Mini Cooper 2003 BRG,
267409 Misty Maples Tennessee MINI Cooper Convertible 2009 Red with Black soft top TN MINI lover that has spread the love of these machines to both of my children.
270182 Catherine  Law Manchester Mini Cooper 2016 Volcanic Orange with black roof Love my mini.
270194 Baden Perks Birmingham MINI one 2010 Pepper white with black roof First time mini owner and will be getting another one next
270277 Gemma House Doncaster Mini Cooper 2002 Black with white roof
270284 Antonio Ventaloro Moscow Mini Cooper 2003 BRG with black roof
270286 David Maguire England Mini Cooper s 2007 Hyper blue metallic
270359 Kevin Mcshane Peterborough (UK) 2015 Cooper S Coupe Chilli red/black roof/alternate red & black stripes
270393 Adam Allen Nottingham Mini Cooper 2003 British racing green with white roof and white stripes
270398 Kayleigh Tones Durham Mini one 2001 Silver
270472 Danny Manning Essex Mini Cooper 2002 Silver with black roof
270479 Fraser Norman Nottinghamshire MINI Copper D 2015 Black with Black roof
270485 Matthew Lankester Bristol R50 MINI Cooper Park Lane Grey with silver roof
270497 Charlotte Crossland Colchester, Essex R56 JCW Red, chilli pack
270574 Graham Wilson Bedford 2010 clubman cooper diesel Red with black roof
270593 Penny Morrison teesside mini cooper 2006 black with white roof and wing mirrors
270594 Mike Wakefield York/Sheffield 2010 n18 Cooper S Dark Silver (Grey), Black Roof First car was a Cooper when 19. Upgraded to 184 Cooper s when 20. Now 240 hp on oz wheels
270685 Phill Frankson Hampshire MINI Cooper 2004 Red with white roof
270688 Emily  Foster Oxfordshire, UK Mini Cooper 2007 Blue mini with white roof (soon to be pink) My first mini... Maude
270714 Phil Hartley Leeds Mini Cooper s 2004 Blue carbon wrap roof
270718 Samuel Eaton Eastbourne Mini Cooper S 2004 Gun metal grey with Union Jack roof
270787 Emma Barrow Leeds MINi Cooper S 2014 British Racing Green
270788 Lana Morris Gloucestershire 2014 Mini Cooper SD Black with red stripes My second mini ... absolutely love them 💕
270792 Nicolas  Voutt Stoke Ferry - Norfolk Mini One D 2006 Black & Crome New to the Mini Lifestyle! But loving it so far!
270793 Charley Cooper Cardiff Mini Cooper F56 2014 Red with Black Roof
270868 Zara Underwood Warwickshire Mini cooper 2015 Black Always loved Mini's...Finally got my first one.
270897 Matt Robson East Yorkshire 2016 Mini Cooper SD F55 Midnight Black My first Mini, it has the chilli/media pack XL, and I can say it won’t be my last.
271004 Joanne Quimby Leicester Mini Clubman 2008 Cream with black roof
271089 Daniel Hardman London Mini Cooper S 2011 Electric blue
271097 Bethany Ward Thornbury, Devon MINI Cooper 2008 Blue
271113 Mark Threlfall Glasgow MINI JCW 2010 Black with chilli red roof
271186 Claire Mullen West Midlands Mini Paceman, Cooper S Starlight blue First mini I have ever owned, love my mini
271317 Heidi  Evans Wordsley 2011 Blue
271715 Aimee Wainwright Cheshire MINI JCW 2013 Silver Black
271901 Katey Patrick Somerset Mini Cooper s 2016 Black
271985 Liam Baker Mini cooper s 2004 Blue with white roof
272727 Stephen  Cox Shackleford Mini Cooper S 2007 Lazer Blue mini mad
272900 Demi Burke Burntwood Mini Cooper s 2012 Black with white roof
273218 Lorna Bell Carlisle Cumbria Mini Cooper 2017 Black 3rd mini we have owned. Winnie has the jcw sports pack. By far the best car I have ever driven
276376 Tim Hunt Derby MINI Cooper 2004 silver with black roof
280171 Glenn Smith Melrose R50 2002 r55 2013 Green with white roof
280284 Marc Woods Southport Mini Cooper s 2009 Pepper white with black canvas roof
280295 Hana Wood Norfolk One 05 Silver
280418 Louise Kibble WELLINGBOROUGH Mini Cooper Coupe 2015 Silver with black roof
280470 Jen Timms East Grinstead Mini Cooper S - 2018 Black
280511 Cassandra Dixon Leighton Buzzard Mini Cooper 2001 Liquid Yellow
280512 Deborah Niblett Gloucester Mini JCW 2012 Eclipse Grey with Red Roof Trigger is our third mini and have been mini owners since 2006. Driving Trigger definitely puts a smile on your face.
280518 Will Gibson Leicester MINI One 2007 Astro Black
280595 Charlie Hawkes Barnstaple Mini R52 2007 Lightening blue
280600 Bradley Woodwards Swindon Mini one seven edition 2006 Astro black In love with the mini best car I've ever owned by far need tlc but over the moon with it it's such an uncommon model and I havent seen another modified seven edition in my county
280601 Ian Robertson Fife Mini Cooper 2002 Blue
280691 Emma Hunter York Mini One D 2013 Pepper white
280794 Georgia  Golder Hertfordshire Mini Cooper 2012 Cream Convertible New to the Mini ownership! What a dream to be a part of😍
280843 Bruce Paul Southwater MINI Cooper S 2012 Blue with Black roof
280913 Andie Reynders Wigston, Leicester JCW Coupe, 2013 Black
280914 Lara Bauld Kent Mini Cooper convertible 2014 Spice orange
280916 * *
281012 Tommy So London Mini Cooper D 2011 Sliver
281067 David Goudge Australia Mini Cooper S 2005 Chilli Red with White Roof Mad mini person who is also a Doctor Who Whovian.
281070 Paula Poole Stockport 2009 Metallic blue with denim soft top Has my r57 vert Cooper about a year now and can safely say love driving sapphire (sapphy for short) every day. Started to think about doing mods to her now.
281071 Neil  Mcrae Norfolk Mini Cooper R50 Red
281098 holly Little 2004 red with white stripes
281107 Sharon Honess Driffield MINI Cooper S 2007 Sliver with white roof
281209 Martin Killick Snodland Cooper s 2008 Blue with black roof
281216 Sade Dyer Newton Abbot Mini One Convertible 2010 Red
281262 Tina Evans South Wakes Coupe 2013 White Silver with Black roof

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