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MOG # Name Location MINI model MINI Colour Bio
266737 Amanda Rettey Buckinghamshire Mini Cooper 2003 BRG,
267409 Misty Maples Tennessee MINI Cooper Convertible 2009 Red with Black soft top TN MINI lover that has spread the love of these machines to both of my children.
270182 Catherine  Law Manchester Mini Cooper 2016 Volcanic Orange with black roof Love my mini.
270194 Baden Perks Birmingham MINI one 2010 Pepper white with black roof First time mini owner and will be getting another one next
270277 Gemma House Doncaster Mini Cooper 2002 Black with white roof
270284 Antonio Ventaloro Moscow Mini Cooper 2003 BRG with black roof
270286 David Maguire England Mini Cooper s 2007 Hyper blue metallic
270359 Kevin Mcshane Peterborough (UK) 2015 Cooper S Coupe Chilli red/black roof/alternate red & black stripes
270393 Adam Allen Nottingham Mini Cooper 2003 British racing green with white roof and white stripes
270398 Kayleigh Tones Durham Mini one 2001 Silver
270472 Danny Manning Essex Mini Cooper 2002 Silver with black roof
270479 Fraser Norman Nottinghamshire MINI Copper D 2015 Black with Black roof
270485 Matthew Lankester Bristol R50 MINI Cooper Park Lane Grey with silver roof
270497 Charlotte Crossland Colchester, Essex R56 JCW Red, chilli pack
270574 Graham Wilson Bedford 2010 clubman cooper diesel Red with black roof
270593 Penny Morrison teesside mini cooper 2006 black with white roof and wing mirrors
270594 Mike Wakefield York/Sheffield 2010 n18 Cooper S Dark Silver (Grey), Black Roof First car was a Cooper when 19. Upgraded to 184 Cooper s when 20. Now 240 hp on oz wheels
270685 Phill Frankson Hampshire MINI Cooper 2004 Red with white roof
270688 Emily  Foster Oxfordshire, UK Mini Cooper 2007 Blue mini with white roof (soon to be pink) My first mini... Maude
270714 Phil Hartley Leeds Mini Cooper s 2004 Blue carbon wrap roof
270718 Samuel Eaton Eastbourne Mini Cooper S 2004 Gun metal grey with Union Jack roof
270787 Emma Barrow Leeds MINi Cooper S 2014 British Racing Green
270788 Lana Morris Gloucestershire 2014 Mini Cooper SD Black with red stripes My second mini ... absolutely love them 💕
270792 Nicolas  Voutt Stoke Ferry - Norfolk Mini One D 2006 Black & Crome New to the Mini Lifestyle! But loving it so far!
270793 Charley Cooper Cardiff Mini Cooper F56 2014 Red with Black Roof
270868 Zara Underwood Warwickshire Mini cooper 2015 Black Always loved Mini's...Finally got my first one.
270897 Matt Robson East Yorkshire 2016 Mini Cooper SD F55 Midnight Black My first Mini, it has the chilli/media pack XL, and I can say it won’t be my last.
271004 Joanne Quimby Leicester Mini Clubman 2008 Cream with black roof
271097 Bethany Ward Thornbury, Devon MINI Cooper 2008 Blue
271113 Mark Threlfall Glasgow MINI JCW 2010 Black with chilli red roof
271186 Claire Mullen West Midlands Mini Paceman, Cooper S Starlight blue First mini I have ever owned, love my mini
271317 Heidi  Evans Wordsley 2011 Blue
271901 Katey Patrick Somerset Mini Cooper s 2016 Black
271985 Liam Baker Mini cooper s 2004 Blue with white roof
272727 Stephen  Cox Shackleford Mini Cooper S 2007 Lazer Blue mini mad
272900 Demi Burke Burntwood Mini Cooper s 2012 Black with white roof
273218 Lorna Bell Carlisle Cumbria Mini Cooper 2017 Black 3rd mini we have owned. Winnie has the jcw sports pack. By far the best car I have ever driven
276376 Tim Hunt Derby MINI Cooper 2004 silver with black roof
280171 Glenn Smith Melrose R50 2002 r55 2013 Green with white roof
280284 Marc Woods Southport Mini Cooper s 2009 Pepper white with black canvas roof
280295 Hana Wood Norfolk One 05 Silver
280418 Louise Kibble WELLINGBOROUGH Mini Cooper Coupe 2015 Silver with black roof
280470 Jen Timms East Grinstead Mini Cooper S - 2018 Black
280511 Cassandra Dixon Leighton Buzzard Mini Cooper 2001 Liquid Yellow
280512 Deborah Niblett Gloucester Mini JCW 2012 Eclipse Grey with Red Roof Trigger is our third mini and have been mini owners since 2006. Driving Trigger definitely puts a smile on your face.
280595 Charlie Hawkes Barnstaple Mini R52 2007 Lightening blue
280601 Ian Robertson Fife Mini Cooper 2002 Blue
280691 Emma Hunter York Mini One D 2013 Pepper white
280794 Georgia  Golder Hertfordshire Mini Cooper 2012 Cream Convertible New to the Mini ownership! What a dream to be a part of😍
280843 Bruce Paul Southwater MINI Cooper S 2012 Blue with Black roof
280913 Andie Reynders Wigston, Leicester JCW Coupe, 2013 Black
280914 Lara Bauld Kent Mini Cooper convertible 2014 Spice orange
280916 * *
281012 Tommy So London Mini Cooper D 2011 Sliver
281067 David Goudge Australia Mini Cooper S 2005 Chilli Red with White Roof Mad mini person who is also a Doctor Who Whovian.
281070 Paula Poole Stockport 2009 Metallic blue with denim soft top Has my r57 vert Cooper about a year now and can safely say love driving sapphire (sapphy for short) every day. Started to think about doing mods to her now.
281071 Neil  Mcrae Norfolk Mini Cooper R50 Red
281098 holly Little 2004 red with white stripes
281107 Sharon Honess Driffield MINI Cooper S 2007 Sliver with white roof
281209 Martin Killick Snodland Cooper s 2008 Blue with black roof
281216 Sade Dyer Newton Abbot Mini One Convertible 2010 Red
281262 Tina Evans South Wakes Coupe 2013 White Silver with Black roof
281271 Andrew Dean Leeds Mini Countryman cooper s Brown black foof
281275 steve moore shrewsbury cooper 03 silver blck roof
281279 Edd Smith Braintree Cooper 2001 Black and white
281297 Lachlan Contarino Australia Mini Cooper S R53 2005 Electric Blue
281371 Kelly  Tekell-rogers Clevedon Mini Cooper 2003 Blue with white roof
281968 Scott Monahan Southampton Mini Cooper s JCW British racing green
281985 Sam Rice Northants Mini Cooper 2014 Volcanic orange
282273 David Street East Sussex Mini Cooper 2013 Black
282828 Josie Essington Macclesfield Mini one 2004 Pepper white
287051 Mikayla Longano-Pinch Koroit, Australia MINI Cooper 2010 British Racing Green, White Roof, White Bonnet Stripes
290199 Jess Broome Peterborough Mini One 2003 Peppermint White with Chequred Roof First Mini, Absolute in love with her. Shes called Meg. R5O Peppermint White.
290288 Carl Lever Port Talbot Mini Cooper 2014 Volcanic orange
290406 Sarah Weston-Dolman Nottingham One Day 2003 British Racing Green Not really
290592 Mark Hamilton London John Cooper Works 2017 Red with Black roof My very first Mini and first new car.
290593 Mark Hamilton London John Cooper Works 2017 Red with Black roof My first Mini and first new car
290600 Harrison Cohen Basingstoke MINI Cooper 2003 Red with Union Jack roof 17 years old, first car!
290661 Jackie Graham Glasgow 2014 Volcanic orange with Black Roof
290671 Helen Gwyer Reading berkshire Mini Cooper s 03 Blue with white roof and white stripes on the bonnet
290678 Helen date Charfieldq Mini cooper sport 2007 Black
290713 Craig Jenkins Portsmouth, UK MINI Cooper Convertible 2006 Black Bought my first MINI this summer, and of course, it simply had to be a convertible! Hoping to make it to any MINI events in the upcoming year.
290715 Louise Gould Radstock Mini Cooper roadster 2012 White silver
290767 Alison Gaughran Berkshire Mini Countryman ALL4 Park Lane 2016 earl grey with dark red roof
290800 Toby Wells Hampsire, UK Mini One 2009 Graphite edition
290874 Kerry Drew Exeter One 2006 Red Red mini one... 7 edition
290880 Linda Worgan Leigh Mini Cooper s 2004 Grey
290898 Sharon  Mclelland Glasgow Mini Cooper Countryman 2017 Black with white roof Love my car it's called jack very happy to be a mini owner
290967 Steve Hanley Swanscombe Kent Cooper D 2009 White with black roof
290987 Phill Woolford Leighton Buzzard Mini Cooper Sidwalk 2008 Silver Black soft top
290989 Lauren  Clark Essex Mini Cooper Black
290994 Danni Brown Shropshre Mini Cooper d countryman 2014 White with black roof
291094 Joseph Fowler scarborough MINI ONE 2002 Black
291146 Dan Long Ashford, Kent Countryman 2017 2.0 Cooper D British Racing Green with Black Roof
291179 Findlay McPherson Dundee MINI Coupe 2013 White Silver, Black Roof & Red Mirrors This is my first MINI. Love It!! Love personalising and modifying it.
291191 Alex Hughes Weston-super-Mare Mini Cooper D 2010 Midnight Black
291196 Lucy Trueman Newcastle Mini Cooper S 2017 F56 British Racing Green
291273 Joanne Chadwick Manchester Mini one 2014 Pepper white On my 2nd mini!
300115 Garey  Powell West London 2007 Mini Cooper s white black convertible roof My mini is called Matilda
300184 Claire Ahurst Wigan Cooper s 2004 Purple with white roof
300203 Aaron Matthews Shrewsbury Mini Cooper 2002 All black. First mini and first car. And I love it!!!!!
300300 Graham Delooze Mini Cooper 2003 Black with White roof
300349 David Wake Barnsley Mini Cooper D White with British Racing Green roof, wing mirrors and stripes My first mini in 50 years of motoring.
300357 Neil Goodwin Shrewsbury Mini Cooper's 2005 Pepper white
300381 Amy Bull Bury st Edmunds Mini Cooper 2002 British racing green
300570 Nicola Steeples First Mini
300591 Jamie Aubert Jersey C.I Cooper S R56 Laser Blue Love my mini to bits and cant wait to see others on the road
300592 Charlotte  Matsell Barnsley Mini Cooper SD 2013 (63) Red with black roof Absolutely love my mini, always loved bigger cars but it is so much more fun to drive! I’ve definitely been converted. I would love a full JCW but I unfortunately need a diesel for my job so the SD with the JCW kit on will have to do for now.
300767 Annie Mitchell Huddersfield Mini One Hatch 2005 Black with monochrome Union Jack roof
300768 Iain Stanton Castle Rising Mini Cooper S Convertible 2010 Blue
300769 Tessa Collett Cirencester Mini oneD 2005 Black
300784 Paul O'Brien Durham Mini Countryman Cooper S 2015 Light White with black roof
300792 Claire Lewis MINI Cooper 2012 Highclass grey with white roof My beautiful mini cooper won best in year to celebrate 55 years of the mini and was shown in timeline at himley hall show
300808 Fernando Da Silva Uk Mini cooper s 2003 All black
300917 Helen Newton Truro, Cornwal Mini JCW Convertible 2018 Caribbean Aqua
300988 david phillips worcestershire mini f55 cooper s 2017 British Racing Green silver roof
301074 Martin Webb Essex Coupe r58 Black
301079 Donna Barthorpe Mansfield Nottinghamshire Mini Cooper 2008 Blue with black roof and black bonnet stripes Just bought my first mini, Rita, quite different from my previous car ( freelander 2) but love the mini
301082 Simon Peddie Peterhead Mini Cooper 2096 Blue with Black roof
301168 Jill Westnedge Sheffield JCW 2017 Black
301191 Laura Donaldson Kinross Mini Cooper SD 2016 Orange with black roof.
301211 Jo Jackson Reading Mini Cooper 2007 Cream with black roof
301216 Chris  Dootson Manchester Mini one convertible 2006 Blue with black roof My bmw mini 2006 only done 47 thousand mile I have a lot of things I want to do to her she is called willow
301217 zoe mitchell Mansfield 2007/08 White
301293 Sarah White Bedfordshire MINI Cooper 2005 Purple I LOVE my car!! ! ♥♥♥
301973 Helen Scanlan Cleethorpes 2013 mini cooper Red with white food I've just got my first mini and love it
301975 Leon Butler Kent JCW Convertible 2017 Silver White
302673 Lisa Cook Suffolk Mini cooper s 2002 Black
303003 Becca Rogers Droitwich MINI Cooper S Coupé 2012 White Silver with Black roof
303030 Harvey Hughes Hampshire Mini Cooper 2004 Silver with black roof I love Minis!
303808 Mike Moorfield Worthing MINI Cooper S 20014 Grey
310111 dawn rogers bristol cooper s r56 2009 dark silver
310191 Francesca  Nicholls Olney Mini Cooper 2004 Pepper White From the first time I watched Mr Bean and saw him driving around Battersea, London in his little green mini I have been obsessed with them. On Tuesday 10th January 2017 I became the proud owner of Chrissy, my red and black Mini Cooper. On Saturday 23rd December 2019 I because the proud owner of Zowey, my pepper white Mini Cooper I can't wait for the adventures to begin!
310197 Charlie Bardwell Peterborough MINI Cooper S 2014 Red with Black roof Currently own a 2014 MINI Cooper S, 1991 Rover Mini Studio 2 and my wife owns a 2017 MINI Cooper Convertible.
310395 Lucas Brodkorb Germany John Cooper Works F56 (2016) White Silver Metallic with Black Roof & JCW-Stripes First time MINI Owner 🚗
310396 Jack Brown Chichester Mini Cooper S 2007 Pepper white black roof #BecauseMINI
310568 Karen Chater Scotland Mini Cooper s Black
310569 Mick Buxton Lincoln Mini Cooper S 2010 Laser Blue My first mini and I love it!
310714 Katarina Pearson West Yorkshire JCW 2014 Black with red roof
310767 Darren Green Midlands Mini Cooper 2003 Black with white chequered roof
310776 Kelly Malone Plymouth Mini Cooper Park Lane 2006 Royal Grey and Silver roof
310813 Pawel Marczak London Mini one 2008 Black
310867 Louise Leighton Stoke on trent Mini Clubman Cooper D Auto Grey with red roof
311057 stephen rolph west sussex Mini cooper s 2007 Blue
311095 Amy Johnson Kent Mini cooper S 2013 British racing green with a white roof Hi MOGS! This is Rudy's owner here; if you spot me, give us a wave!
311286 Karl KP Surrey R56 Mini Cooper S 2007 Mellow Yellow, Black Roof Instagram - @x31kpx - "BUMBLE" Challenge Replica
311287 Dan Vaughan Wolverhampton MINI Cooper 2005 Silver with Black roof
311684 Vicky Burditt Leicester MINI Cooper S 2008 Red with white roof
311967 Neil Spencer Feltham Mini Cooper D 2011 Black
312412 Darren Crompton Huddersfield Mini Clubman 2019 Enigmatic Black
312502 Sarah McCarthy Ashford, Kent Mini One 2009 Blue
313131 Sasheena Doe Southend, Essex Mini Cooper 2003 Red with black roof and black wheels
314793 Kayleigh Pearmain Leicestershire 2006 Mini Cooper Pepper White
317731 Bettie Mann Herts Mini Cooper S 2009 All black
319319 Simon Wallace Bedfordshire Mini Cooper S Works 210 2017 Melting Silver Black Roof Mini number 5 - started in 2001 with a Silk Green One, then Two Coopers (Black Eyed Purple and Dark Silver) followed by a Eclipse Grey JCW - after a break for a couple of years now back with a Cooper S Works 210.
321321 callum  antrobus manchester mini cooper 2009 white
333333 James Wilkinson West Yorkshire Mini One 2005 Astro Black Low mileage late R50. Slowly being upgraded; Cooper S wheels and spoiler ready to go on
333777 John Freel Grand Blanc Michigan MINI Cooper S F55 2015 Black with white roof MINI Boo is my second MINI. First was Mrs.White: 2009 Pepper White with Black Roof R55.
341170 Moira Anderson Hawick MINI Cooper S 2013 coupe Grey and black Penelope Pitstop. My 4th MINI. Love love love her x
351007 Louise McGrouther Newcastle, UK. Mini Cooper 2001 liquid yellow with black roof
351935 Julie Champion East sussex Mini Cooper Cabriolet 2009 Cream and black
352911 Steven Millard Ebbw Vale Clubman Cooper SD All4 AT 2016 Blue with white roof My first car was a 1975 Mini 1275, painted with blue Hammerite with a brown fur interior! My last two cars were Countryman D All4 and now the new Clubman. What goes around, is fun!
360319 Tom McDonough Leicester, MA, USA R50 2005 Black
370000 David Young United Kingdom MINI JCW Black-Red roof & mirror caps Had a 1071 Cooper S as my first Mini 615 CUF, then had a Blue 850 then a Grey 850, got married, had R53S then R56 S followed by 4JCWs, I guess you can say I like MINIs, currently I am the official photographer for the UK MINI Challenge race series. MCR Modern MINI registrar, BMW car club MINI captain. Current car F56 JCW Black with Red roof and mirror caps.
371966 Jean-Michel RIEDEL FRANCE MINI Copper 2007 Gray with black roof
373737 Nancy Ann Earhart United States MINI Coupe 2014 Kite Blue Just bought my first MINI and happy to join the Motoring Family!
376006 Jarrad Short Bridgend MINI COOPER S 2002 Grey/Black Roof S.Wales|Nottingham Instagram - J.shorty21 R53 Cooper
379572 David Spalton Fleet, Hampshire Mini Cooper D 2008 Red, with white roof.
381940 Warren Hall Dudley Mini one 2010 Graphite grey
390391 Nicki Miles Derbyshire Mini Cooper SD - 2011 (61) Black, but needing a chequered roof! My first 3 cars were Mini's after I passed my test back in 1988, then we got into owning big dogs, so I needed a bigger vehicle. Back to now, we still have the big dogs and they have their own car, and the Cooper is our second car, but we fight over who might drive it!
391978 Stuart Wright Cannock Clubman s 2008 Blue with silver roof As a classic mini owner in the past, i always said no to the new version. Wish i had done it sooner now
398010 Stephen Francis Liverpool Mini challenge 210 2015 Grey Ex royal marine ex fireman now retired enjoying life with my mid life 210
401977 Sam  Dyson Barnsley Mini Cooper s Pepper white with black root
404040 Tony Fuller Suffolk F56 cooper s 2019 Lapisluxury blue, with black roof 3rd mini. 1st was a used 998 cooper back in about 1970, 2nd was a r56 with almost every option in 2007 ( 57 reg) now a ex demo f56 cooper S
407713 Carl Taylor Atherstone JCW Cooper S 2007 Blue
411833 Ali Boughton Andover MINI Mini 2003 Silver with black roof
412294 David Raine Newcastle upon Tyne Mini Cooper S 2009 Dark silver
414141 Mark Piper Corby Mini Cooper 2004 Blue with white roof
417338 Aileen Mandic Bishopton John Cooper Wroks convertible Lapisluxuryblue In love with my new JCW!
419812 Richard Hope Worcester Mini Cooper S Grey
424242 Jon Evans Banbury MINI Clubman Cooper S 2015 Chili Red with Black roof
431974 Heather Wright Cannock Mini countryman 2012 Red with black roof Didnt like mini's. When hubby got his clubby i loved it.
432002 Karl Dewsbury Berkshire MINI Cooper 2002 Liquid Yellow
440044 Craig Parkes Chesterfield Cooper s 2003 Silver
441144 Toni Hardwick Essex Mini One 2003 Silver
442521 Tracey Talbot Staffs Mini 2011 Cream
443443 Martin Jones Weston super Mare MINI Cooper 2005 Silver with Black roof
444444 Andy Brownhill West Midlands Mini Cooper D 2011 Red No. :-)
449022 Elin Gould Wales Mini Cooper 2010 Silver with black roof
450227 Christopher Leigh Coventry MINI F55 Cooper D Pepper white with black mirrors, roof and wheels...and L-plates too! Teaching people how to MINI properly in and around Warwick! :-D
462001 Jack Cosker 93 Swansea Road waunarlwydd sa54su Mini coupe s 2011 Blue with silver roof
465899 James Moan Newcastle MINI Cooper S 2007 Grey with Red roof
470323 Steve Yellon 2013 R56 GP 0323 USA
470968 Hazel Mayer Warminster MINI Cooper S 2009 Laser Blue with White roof
474747 Ray Tostevin Somerset, UK MINI Cooper 2001 Black with white & black check root This is my third MINI, and I love driving it. Just over 100k on the clock and I've decided this one's a keeper and investing in a refurbishment programme to make it sparkle (f if not quite concours)
476956 Robert Dusing Mini Cooper S 2013 Silver with Black roof
492004 Cathy  Clifton Rhu Coupe SD 2012 Silver Black Roof
492216 Bev Brown Stockton-on-Tees Mini Cooper 5 door hatch 2019 Solaris orange with black roof
501053 Bobby-jo Turner Castleford Mini Cooper 2003 Pepper white with black roof
501270 andrew scarborough wiltshire mini cooper 2003 r50 black , white roof, white mirrors, white bonnet stripes i had many classic minis in the late 80s early 90s , pick ups ,vans and saloons , now onto the new minis ( or binis as i call them ! )
505050 Tyler Richards Shrewsbury Mini Cooper 2006 RED 17 Mid Wales 2006 "55" Mini Cooper In Red
507071 Jim Bunyan Atlanta, GA 2012 Cooper Coupe Spice Orange with Spice Orange roof
507364 Baz Barwell East yorkshire Mini clubman 2009 Mettalic silver
519765 Ben Brooks Royston Mini cooper 5 door hatch 2015 Volcanic orange
520873 John McFall Cambridge Mini Cooper SD 2016 Blue
521949 Phil Ridgwell-Smith Littlehampton Mini Cooper S 2019 Solaris Orange, Black roof, Black bonnet stripes Also own, Mini 30 '89, Cherry Red Wolseley Hornet Mk 3 1967, White , Damask roof
522543 Jackie Neill Aberdeenshire Scotland MINI Cooper S 2004 Black
523451 Adam Lindley Mansfield MINI Cooper 2003 Black with White roof
529222 Craig Orr Kincardine Mini Cooper s r53 2005 Pepper white with black roof
531135 Jordy Nieman Groningen R53 2004 Blue R53
532002 Marina OBrien Helston R53 2003 Chilli Red with white roof Quirky bird
535353 Stewart Dickson Durham UK Mini Cooper s supercharger R53 2003 Black Love cars
541906 Kelsey Champney Fordingbridge Mini One 2004 White
541982 Jodie Pattinson Nottingham Mini Cooper S Convertibe 2006 Orange
542004 Emily Bleathman Chichester MINI One 2004 Indi Blue, Black roof, de-chromed Always looking for ideas and inspiration, try to make my car unique. Boyfriend has a classic mini so always at the mini shows
547191 Josh Spinks Scunthorpe Mini Cooper s JCW Red
548613 Cait Barnes Selby 2005 mini cooper Black
550804 Stefan Cardell Sweden F54 Burgundy whith silver roof
551481 Emma Skiggs Norfolk Mini cooper D 2011 Red with white roof
551955 Bernard  Gallacher Bathgate Mini one 2007 White with silver roof My wife thinks it's a midlife crisis
554558 Dave  Crosby Nottingham Mini cooper 2007 Pepper white with black roof
555555 Ruth McAndrew Kings Langley Herts Cooper 2010 Sparkling silver Was LL60XTF
556677 Ulysses Neto Brazil Mini Cooper S 2017 Red Mini Lover
557996 Amanda Wilson Cambridgeshire Mini One 2001 Turquoise
560560 Ed Hill-Palmer Wiltshire Mini One R56 2007 White Bought my first car- R56 One and waiting to find the Perfect JCW
562009 Ross Tracey Bolton Mini One 2009 R56 Chilli red
562412 Kirk Yeoman Staines Mini Cooper s r56 Blue with white roof
565656 Sylvio Arnaldo Neves da Rocha Brasil Cooper S F56 2015 White pepper and black Life is too short to drive a boring car! I love MINI!!!!
566313 Stephen  Elyard Derby MINI Cooper s 2002 Silver
570065 Kalvin Lysons Manchester Mini One 2005 Silver Just recently joined the mini team!!
570192 Paul Mills Liverpool Mini Roadster 2012 Silver white
570487 Stewart Cope Derbyshire Cooper s 55 Black
570616 Azahar Mat Hasan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysis MINI COOPER S 3013 Ice Chocolate with Red Roof
571001 Peter Carr Durham 2016 Countryman All4 CooperS White/black roof.
571008 Paul Armour Swansea Mini cooper 2004 Purple My nickname is miniac
571207 Amale Mohamed London Mini Cooper 2014 Midnight black
571905 Sheila Higgins Herne Bay Mini Cooper 2004 Red with white roof
571966 Philip  Petts Malvern Mini cooper 2006 Pepper White
571971 Sheldon  Thomasson Doncaster MINI Cooper 2007 White with Black Roof Tech fan and social media junkie. Likes Xbox, Arsenal and my R56.
571976 Jon Whytock Oxfordshire Mini cooper D 2009 Silver with black roof Love mini's..... i all so work for mini in oxford
571980 Joe Oakford Essex MINI Cooper s 2006 Blue
571982 David Johns Nottingham Mini Cooper s 2006 Blue
571989 Rachel Hill Worcester Mini Cooper S 2004 Hyper blue
572007 Kay Wilkins Gloucestershire Mini Cooper 2007 British Racing green with white roof
572131 Philip Boulton Newport Mini Cooper 2017 Volcanic orange Ex Bmw fitter likes minis and motorcycles
572704 Daniel Fox Wolverhampton Mini Cooper 2002 Black with Grey Union Jack Roof Bessie - My first car is my dream car. Union Jack mad!
573100 Stuart Wakelam Birmingham
575655 Sharon Webb High Wycombe Mini Cooper 1.5 turbo 2017 Black
575757 Dean Lonsdale Leeds Mini one 2002 Black
575859 Mark Phillips Berkshire, UK MCS R57 2014 White Silver

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